7:45 pm

images (3)THURSDAY marked three years since Eliza’s wedding. I paced the balcony of my new apartment, leaning on the metal railing intermittently. It’s about the hundredth time I’m leaning on the railing, with my head hanging loosely above the vast space between where I stood and the pavement below. I looked at the watch on my right wrist. I had already spent more than two hours contemplating…

I went into the bedroom to take another look at myself in the full length mirror on the wardrobe door. Head, arms, fingers, legs. My body was still intact, or so I convinced myself. In my deepest thought I knew. I just knew I wasn’t whole. Continue reading

Shall we talk?


Image courtesy: metaphysicsknowledge.com

Forgive me…
I know it’s been long I saw your
wide nostrils through this partition;
I know you sense all my guilt from
miles before I get here.

This whole process I find cumbersome
It’s like carrying a heavy
load up and down up
and down without any course Continue reading

Enigma Junction


Image courtesy: STAYING ALIVE

Some things are only for wanting
Some things are only for talk
Some wants we must die with unattended.

Last night it dawned on me; just how many things I’m losing
letting go. It’s for good. What to gain is plentiful.

Many times when our eyes flickered about frantically in search of empty spaces sparsely distributed, I had revered the One who oversees.

Else… Continue reading

This art


04/02/2017 – 01:07am

The most difficult thing that ever
happens to me is to feel and not
be able to pencil down

Last night I sat bare-butt
on the cold floor and wept
I needed to put down
all that  had
happened within
the week
It was necessary
But it seemed
my thoughts did not
like to be exposed Continue reading

January Is Not A Month


Independence day; there are few school children at the Black Star Square today, Eric said.
Yes. Times are changing. There’s too much technology to be ignored. Children are becoming too smart to go throwing their hands and limbs about under this scorching sun, I said. We both laughed.
Laughter fading

The usual chirps of the morning birds who play on the branches of bougainvillea that push at my window nets woke me.
I got up and parted the curtains to let in natural light. It was 6 minutes past 6. I smiled while rubbing my left eye then I turned to look at the calendar; Sunday, Jan…No I better not! Ei!
I threw myself back on the spring mattress that lays on the bare tiled floor and quickly went under the flowery pink quilt. This is the dream. I closed my eyes; “God please take me back to independence day”. Continue reading