What to Be (?)


It started from the days when we did not know
how to separate our legs from our hands
We dug out foolery and ate it with sand

We grew in every inch of it; fully nourished Continue reading


Ah! Look.

 shutterstock_51348808_broken_windshield_620px.jpgWe did not make vows
nor break rules
We just were

I was the strong one;
(that’s an irony, guys)

That is how we
chose our roles
That is what we
told our friends.

We did not make vows
nor break rules

Instead, we tore
things to irreparable

We did not make vows
We ditched the rules
and now….arrrgh!

Look! Look what
we made us do

Weird Ones


Image: Tony Rubino

You needed to know the
possible reasons why you
couldn’t talk to all the
other girls and feel loved;

Why you’d bite your
fingers until you got
some blue ticks and/or
at least a brief response
to the last text you sent to
one person or another; Continue reading