To die or not to…(that is nonsense)


Yoga in the morning
A little drink when the sun’s
Almost up;

Planning your funeral in
A thousand different ways

The same that flaunts
In your arteries daily

Centering in the eve
Two little puffs
And you’re dazed

The autopsy will be
A great sight!
Film it for keeps
Will you!

The same that deludes
You every now and then

You think you know
More ways to die
Than they’ll want
To show the cat

But your hair
Is full of roses
You cannot see

You’re looking out
The window and
Wondering how
This vast place shrinks
In on you every time,
You’re breathless

I wouldn’t have an
Advice for you now
Cos I’m too ordinary
And I too, do understand

There’s such a thing
As being desperately,
Obsessively depressed
And wanting more of
The same cos you think
You’re the one who’s born
To die
Such arrogance!




In my little mind I thought;
There’s something else required
To keep Lego pieces together other
Than just studs and tubes
I spent 7 and 3/4 years of my
childhood trying to figure that out

One day I lost interest and
Gave up. “This is stupid!”
I said to myself

In my heart I felt;
There’s something else required
To keep a body together other
Than just the frame of it.
I hadn’t looked at mine in weeks

Too many times I thought I saw
Lucy’s body fall apart in a million
Yellow pieces; her countenance,
Ever fickle

I looked for thread, a twine, cords…
No! I reached out to her and found
Myself sobbing over her shoulders
Instead. Lol.

Phantom lullabies

Asihene 20180108_074335

Photo credit: unknown

There are no eyes that fit the gaze
Seated within those of my spirit animal-
The serpent they gifted mum with
On the eve of my birth

I’ve crawled on my belly and
Roared like a lion

It’s strange
Nobody knows what happened on
October 9 when I turned 21
But somehow my body felt different
From then
Someone swapped theirs for mine

It’s strange
I’ve walked for days and not rested
Or it’s all possibly just in my head
I’ll sit on the lovers’ bench closest to
The museum, singing, Hearing, memorizing chants
It helps

I’m the vibrant one among a collection
Of nothingness;
The terrible one too, mind you

There is something constantly
Nudging my spleen, calling me to a
Reality I can’t even give a name to
Someone swapped their something for mine
I’m certain;
It might be the body

I only remember the child I was that
Never grew past 5
That image of me is so vivid in
My mind’s eye, it hurts-

Once, I fell off the stairs, broke an arm,
Sprained an ankle and lost track of my life;
My memory was all gone but that

 It’s [probably] because it has some Semblance
With the state I’m currently in –
Sitting in my brain doing nothing
And dozing off with songs that are
Actually not there

Ah! Look.

 shutterstock_51348808_broken_windshield_620px.jpgWe did not make vows
nor break rules
We just were

I was the strong one;
(that’s an irony, guys)

That is how we
chose our roles
That is what we
told our friends.

We did not make vows
nor break rules

Instead, we tore
things to irreparable

We did not make vows
We ditched the rules
and now….arrrgh!

Look! Look what
we made us do